Beautiful quilts hand-made with love for the Glen Buds 'family' by Rhonda and her friends. L to R committee members Rhonda, Nola, Gail, Jan, Emma, Elizabeth and Helen

Reach Out Nepal volunteers Margot, Nola and Gail

 RONEP financial advisor in Kathmandu, Kushendra, with Elizabeth and Nola














Reach Out Nepal, affectionately known as RONEP, is a small but effective community-based, not-for profit organisation which does what it can to help people in Nepal who need our assistance. We are based in Sydney and work in a voluntary capacity so administration costs are minimal. Sponsors are kept informed of their child’s progress throughout the year through Newsletters and updates on individual children.

The current committee is as follows:In Kathmandu, Hari, Nola, Haris younger sister Gyanu, Elizabeth and Margot

Nola Ainsworth - Chairperson/Public Officer

Elizabeth Cambourn - Vice Chairperson

Maureen Knox - Treasurer

Emma Tyson - Secretary

Gail Barton

Jan Coulter

Julian Laing 

Pieta Laing

Noela Squires

Rhonda Taylor


RONEP was started by Nola Ainsworth following her first trek in Nepal in 1994. On that trip her guide book suggested that Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) would accept any unwanted clothing and so she made contact with the Director, Kiran Khadgi, and thus began her association with and love of Nepal.


In 1995 Nola and her husband Tim started sponsoring a child in KTS and gradually other family members & friends joined until there were more than 20 sponsors. (Today those first sponsored children are out in the workforce although Reach Out Nepal still helps support 5 children at KTS.) Political unrest has been a part of Nepalese culture for centuries. With the increase in Maoist activity in 2001 resulting in the deaths of many public servants, KTS found they were turning children away from the Hostel due to lack of space. So two of Kiran’s sisters, Karuna & Sheela, opened HURESU, a home for these abandoned or orphaned children or children of mothers who had been abandoned. Two of these mothers stayed on as maids and are still with RONEP today at Glen Buds.


In 2003 there were 5 children being supported at HURESU by 13 sponsors but this steadily grew and by the end of 2004 we had 21 sponsors supporting 18 children & maids.


In 2008 ‘Reach Out Nepal Incorporated’ was registered as a charity and a management committee was formed. There is now a committee of 10 and optional membership is offered to all sponsors.

Glen Buds Boarding School

It was hard work keeping track of funding and overseeing the best interests of our children from afar. In May 2012, during a visit to Nepal, Nola and Elizabeth met Kushendra Mahat who is an advisor to the Institute of Cultural Affairs and who is now our Financial Adviser ‘on the ground’ in Kathmandu. We asked him to find us a bigger home for our children and it was then that he suggested that a boarding school might be better as the monthly expenses would be basically the same and the children would have the extra guidance of members of the Rotary Club of Rudramati for their higher education years and beyond. Kushendra Mahat took us to visit Glen Buds Boarding school as an example. We both agreed that it was ideal but unfortunately too small for us. Not long after we received an email from Kushendra Mahat saying that Glen Buds Boarding school was moving premises and could cater for our children if we wished to move them there.

The children and two maids moved from HURESU at the end of 2012 to Glen Buds Boarding School in Maharajgunj. The school caters for children from nursery to class 10. 

In the mid 1990s Nola met and became friends with Harikrishna Devkota (Hari), an inspiring young man with a dream to help not only his fellow porters but also the people in his village and surrounds. In 2011 Hari sent Nola a document about his High Himalayan Community Project (HHCP) in the Rasuwa District. As these children in HHCP live with their families, sponsorship would be for their education alone and so each child would require only one sponsor. There was however an overwhelming and immediate positive response from the current sponsors.

This sponsorship has grown to include the Pig and Goat projects as well as other ways of helping people in the Rasuwa district through HHCP. A number of committee members have visited the work of HHCP in the Rasuwa district and it is a resounding success. No longer are people just surviving day-to-day, hand to mouth.

HHCP volunteer and RONEP friend, Margot Dalbroi, has done an amazing job of correlating information about the Rasuwa district children and families requiring help and has prioritised the most needy. We work closely together in directing sponsorship in the right direction.

RONEP is pleased to have the association with HHCP on the ground in Rasuwa district so we know our donations, including for the earthquake appeal, are being used to the best effect.


As an incorporation we are required to offer optional membership. Membership enables you to attend Meetings and vote. The joining fee is $5 and annual membership is $5. To become a member and get more involved, contact us and ask for a membership form. A member of the Committee will be happy to sign your application. Your signed proxy is appreciated if you are unable to attend a meeting.


Reach Out Nepal Inc

ABN 24 550 112 059