Gifts that keep on giving...

This festive season, consider giving a gift to friends and family that is in fact a gift to a poor person or family in Nepal – a gift that will really change their life. The Gift-cards are sent to you in a separate envelope so you can personalise the card before sending it on. 

Remember - 100% of your donation/gift gets to the people who need it. Administration in both Australia and Nepal is voluntary. These gifts are a Hand-Up, not a Hand-OUT!


Choose your cards then order at the bottom of the page


Educational Resource Gift Cards -  $15, $25 and $50                                         





$50 in support of Women's Empowerment Project



$145 in support of Women's Empowerment Project - 1/2 a sewing machine

  145 sewing mach


$145 for Greenhouse Sponsorship



$145 for  Micro-Irrigation Kit Sponsorship



$215 for Goat Sponsorship



$280 in support of Women's Empowerment Project - purchase of a sewing machine




Free Postage in Australia and overseas

International (within reason) as well as postage within Australia is covered by Reach Out Nepal.

Ordering more than one of a  particular Gift Card?

If you want to order more than one card of a partiular type, please just tell us what you want in the comments section and add the additional amount to the 'Other' donation. Sorry it is so 'clunky' - our volunteer website builder does the best she can but is definitely not an expert. Watch this space - it should get better!

Use Paypal, credit card or EFT?

You can pay by Paypal or Credit card. If you prefer, you can fill in the form so we know what you want and then do a direct transfer to Reach Out Nepal Inc. BSB: 062-169  Account: 1027 1996. Please provide a surname as a reference.

Hand made Gift Cards

Our volunteer card-maker does her best but sometimes mistakes are made. Sorry. We know of at least one typo! But she will custom make a card for you at no extra charge. Just ask. 


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