Jibjibe market-place before the earthquakeIt's easy to think of the beautiful Himalayas when we think of Nepal. The countryside is certainly beautiful. But the reality of living in these high mountainous regions with few roads and no wealth generating industry, apart from tourism, means the people in the countryside are mostly very poor subsistence farmers.

The people in these remote rural areas are regularly subjected to landslides & flooding during the monsoon season resulting in loss of homes, livestock & often human lives. Many earn their living as porters & accidents result in loss of lives or serious injury which leaves them unable to take care of their families. With little to offer them, many children & young adults drift to the cities & become street kids, prostitutes or child labourers, with little hope of ever getting out of the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Reach out Nepal has developed a relationship with a Nepalese based non-government organization (NGO) which is dedicated to improving the lives of these vulnerable mountain communities. High Himalayan Community Projects (HHCP), was founded in 2010 by Hari Devkota in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. Reach Out Nepal is helping the Nepalese people in this remote and isolated part of Nepal to help themselves.

HHCP programs include child sponsorship, goat sponsorship, and support for local schools.

Hari Devkota, president of HHCP with RONEP committee members Elizabeth and Nola


The work of HHCP is outlined in a 21 minute amateur video made by Pieta Laing in November 2013. See it HERE. Note, the first house in the video is Hari’s but alas, after the April 2015 earthquake, it was no longer standing. Thnakfully it has now been rebuilt.


School assistance

Reach Out Nepal is happy to support the schools in the Rasuwa district that are very poorly resourced. Schools decide in conjunction with HHCP members what the priority requirements are. In 2013 a computer was provided to a very remote school, Ghormu. Posters and other basic educational materials are also provided.

Margot distributing clothes in a remote village  Pieta with singing books she used when helping to distribute a computer and clothing to Ghormu School in 2013