Sponsored children at KTS in 2006Sponsored children at KTS in 2006Patan is a town adjacent to Kathmandu and is now part of the greater Kathmandu urban area.

Reach Out Nepal sponsors now (2015) help 5 children at Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) in Patan. This number has reduced as the children have grown up and moved out. The work of this charity group is outstanding but no new children are sponsored here as KTS has sponsors from around the world and has income from its many enterprises.

In 1984, KTS opened a primary school and introduced a carpet weaving training programme for adults. The KTS organisation today encompasses a free free nursery and primary school for 250 children and offers welfare and education for up to 25 orphan/semi-orphan children in the KTS orphanage. KTS provides vocational training for women and young men in carpet weaving, hand knitting and carpentry. KTS supports Fair Trade income-generating programmes for its producers, through the sale of high-quality Fair Trade carpets, knitwear and furniture, which fund and sustain the KTS activities. KTS also runs day-care centre for the children of trainees, producers and staff.

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Sponsorship by Reach Out Nepal of a child at KTS costs $240 a year as a supplement to other funds provided by KTS.

Knitters at KTS in 2010Knitters at KTS in 2010