children saying Namastechildren saying NamasteReach Out Nepal sponsors supports children in the poor rural district of Rashuwa, north of Kathmandu.  The children live with their families and sponsorship pays for a child’s education for one year. 

The sponsored child's family decides whether the sponsorship money will be used either for

1.additional assistance with day to day living and the child attends the local 'free' government school, or,

2. attendance of their child at the local North Pole private school in Jibajibe. This latter option is obviously more expensive but the education received is better and a child of any age can start at the beginning rather than attend the class for their age group. 

This program was begun by HHCP in about 2011 in response to the alarming 85% illiteracy rate within the community.

There is a waiting list of children seeking sponsors that continues to grow.

Reach Out Nepal has seen first-hand the incredible changes that are taking place with the education opportunities being offered to these children. These children are now so incredibly happy and proud to be learning, not to mention the self-esteem the families are gathering with this process. 

One day when HHCP Australian volunteer  Margot Dalbroi was in Jibajibe village doing some work for this programme she witnessed a mother who had trekked over 2 hours through mountainous terrain with her 4 year old son to personally ask Hari to help with her son's education. She, her husband and all of her older children were illiterate and hopelessly poor, and she was desperate to try and change this cycle. As they have no school available where they live Hari asked how this might be achieved and she has promised to walk this 4 ½ hour route daily with her son for 3 years to North Pole Private School Jibajibe until he is old enough to walk this route on his own. This young man now has a sponsor and has begun his school education. Who knows what the future will hold for him? 

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